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1991 Topps... Vintage or Junk Wax

The other night, I busted a box of 1991 Topps hoping to score the remaining Dodgers I needed and an extra Dave Walsh and Dennis Cook to send out for ttm. I wasn't expecting anything special as I had opened many packs of these back in 1991, but about halfway through busting this box, I was thinking "Wow! This is a pretty good looking set." The photography in this set amazed me as I just did not remember it being this good. It really got me to thinking about the legacy of this set and how its tarnished by the whole junk wax era. 1991 Topps is gonna be turning 29 years old soon, and it's not junk. Everything we love about vintage sets can be found in 1991 Topps. Hanging out with the fans and signing autographs. Throwback uniforms.  The Giants camera angle of choice apparently. Rey Palacios decides to start an aerobics class in the middle of a game. Collecting dirt and stirring up dirt. The all-time stolen base leader d

Adding my Collection to the TCDB has Taught me Something...

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been (rather slowly), adding my collection over at the Trading Card Database. Everything except stuff that really gels with me is going into the For Trade Collection. I never realized how much stuff I have amassed over the years that really has no internet presence. I think I finally have all the motivation I need to go ahead and get a scanner now. Some of these oddities have really cool backstories. 1995 Tonka/Kenner Star Wars Power of the Force Remember when Kenner relaunched the 3 and 3/4 Star Wars figure line as Power of the Force back in the 90's? Well, they also went into a collaboration effort with Tonka and produced some little 1 inch die cast figures. Those figures came in 3 packs and had these amazing trading cards packed in with them. No listing on TCDB. 2007 Topps Hollywood Zombies Bonus Cards Hollywood Zombies are listed on TCDB, but these Bonus cards are not. I think there was only 2 of them and the