Adding my Collection to the TCDB has Taught me Something...

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been (rather slowly), adding my collection over at the Trading Card Database. Everything except stuff that really gels with me is going into the For Trade Collection. I never realized how much stuff I have amassed over the years that really has no internet presence. I think I finally have all the motivation I need to go ahead and get a scanner now. Some of these oddities have really cool backstories.

1995 Tonka/Kenner Star Wars Power of the Force

Remember when Kenner relaunched the 3 and 3/4 Star Wars figure line as Power of the Force back in the 90's? Well, they also went into a collaboration effort with Tonka and produced some little 1 inch die cast figures. Those figures came in 3 packs and had these amazing trading cards packed in with them. No listing on TCDB.

2007 Topps Hollywood Zombies Bonus Cards

Hollywood Zombies are listed on TCDB, but these Bonus cards are not. I think there was only 2 of them and they came in special multipacks sold at Wal Mart.

2006 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Limited Edition DVD Promo Cards

These cards came in the super deluxe limited edition dvd. I think I almost broke the Trading Card Database looking for these. 

1996 Republic Pictures The Right to Remain Silent Promo Set

My parents owned a vhs rental store from 1982 all the way to 2004. At one point, they had 3 locations. We got all kinds of freebies back in the day from movie companies, but this was one of the oddest. Republic sent a screener copy of this lackluster film complete with a bonus box full of paraphenalia. Included was probably the first trading cards of alot of these actors. I can't think of any of them having cards pre-dating these. No listing on TCDB.

1999 Family Values Tour Promo Set

In 1999, not many acts were as hot as Korn who ended up founding their own tour/festival, Family Values. These cards came with copies of the Family Values Tour cd that were purchased at tour stops. More than likely the first and last cards of most of these acts. No listing on TCDB.

Dynamic Forces Lexx Promo cards

Lexx was one of the most bizarre and disturbing sci-fi shows I have ever watched, but man was it good. I would kinda like to track down the Lexx card sets one day as its one of my favorite sci-fi shows of all time. Both of these are from the Premiere Series although one is from 2001 and the other 2002. No listing on TCDB.

National Park Service Shiloh National Battlefield Set

While my sister worked at Shiloh National Battlefield, the powers that be within the National Park Service conjured up this idea that they could make trading cards for each of the Civil War sites to give away to tourists coming through. Their idea was these people would go to all the parks to collect the complete set. I wonder if anyone did? No listing on TCDB.

1988 Notre Dame Football set

I have this set complete at 60 cards. I still don't have alot of info about it other than apparently they were given to boosters/season ticket holders/or maybe even sold at the gift shop on campus. I know this set was given to me a few years back by a lifelong ND fan who lived in South Bend. No listing on TCDB.

2005 Terror Cards XL promo

This promo for Terror Cards was handed out at Texas Frightmare Festival in 2005 I believe. The concept of Terror Cards was pretty cool as it promised collectors certified authentic, temper-proof, on-card autographs of many of the horror industry's best actors and actresses. No listing on TCDB at all for Terror Cards.

2005 Terror Cards Isabelle Stephen Certified Autograph

The Terror Cards autos could be bought for anywhere from $5-15 each on their website and came in snap cases with tamper-proof seals on each side. The list of signees was amazing. Prices on these things have skyrocketed in the last few years due to scarcity. You hardly ever see more than a handful at a time on Ebay.

2002 Rasputina Cabin Fever CD promo cards

Don't know alot about these other than the fact that you got 1 out of 10 cards in the limited edition release of the Rasputina cd. This one sure looks cool.  No listing on TCDB.

SkyBox Gargoyles SkyMotion Redemption card

The only one of these I have ever seen. I remember being stoked when I pulled the actual redemption card out of a pack years ago. I was floored when I got this thing back in the mail. The only way to describe it in today's terms is it's like a gif on a card. While the actual redemption card is listed on TCDB, the SkyMotion card is not.

All of these findings make me want to help out with the Trading Card Database and get scans of some of these. Hopefully real soon I'm gonna get me a scanner.


  1. Awesome! I love oddball sets and these are pretty epic! I too have hopes of contributing to the TCDB more and boosting my collection!

    1. Thanks man. I got plenty more oddballs to come.

  2. Wow. So many cool items I've never seen or heard of before. I'd love to see the full checklist of the 1995 Tonka/Kenner Star Wars Power of the Force cards.

    1. I'm not sure about the checklist, but I do think there was about 4 or maybe 5 different 3 packs.

  3. "My parents owned a vhs rental store from 1982 all the way to 2004"... never have I been more jealous of someone than I am of you right now :)

    Lexx was pretty wild for the time, I haven't seen an episode in ages though, I wonder if it seems any tamer by today's standards?

    I remember when the Terror autos came out, I thought I could wait a bit, and maybe some of the prices would come down... boy was I wrong on that one!

    1. Haha. It was fun working in that store when I was younger.

      I'm with you on the Terror Cards. I kept thinking, ah I'll be able to get these on Ebay way cheaper on down the road, but nope. They skyrocketed. I did end up with a handful of them though. Wish I had pulled the trigger on Gunnar Hansen.


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