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Oddballs courtesy of TCDB

My journey to put back a Dodgers collection that I never should have parted with in the first place has been like finding a DeLorean. Too many times now I have receieved cards only to met with the "Aw snap! I remember that one" response.  That aspect of this "new" collection has been fun, but the best part has been all the weird, off-the-wall, oddball cards I had only heard about as a kid that I now own as an adult. Today's trip to the mailbox netted some such gems acquired from some trades over at the Trading Card Database. 1990 & 1991 California Jumbo Sunflower Seeds Never saw any of these as a kid. I remember reading about the in Beckett or maybe Tuff Stuff back in the day. 1992 Topps Gold Winners I had a stack 1992 Topps Golds, but never had any Gold Winners. I also have the Kal Daniels in these. Maybe I'll try to find the rest at some point. 1989 Fleer These look like normal 1989 Fleer until you flip them over.

Don't take their bats away...

I had planned a post about my recent Dodger ttm returns tonight, but due to what's going on in Major League Baseball right now, I decided to write about what I think is a very important aspect of our National Pastime that I love so much.  If you believe the offices of Major League Baseball, people everywhere are up in arms wanting them to tarnish the legacy of the National League by adding the designated hitter. Blasphemy!  The National League not having a designated hitter makes me love the National League so much more. It makes it a more strategic game. Should I pull my starter a couple of innings early because we have a good chance at getting a run across? Sure, most of the time the pitcher fails at doing something he's not even paid to do, hit. But those times they connect sure are magical. Like when Kenta Maeda went yard in his Major League debut on April 6, 2016.  Fernando Valenzuela was a very formidable hitter in his day. He batted .202

Dodgers in bunches from Night Owl

Been away for far too long. Life, adding things over at TCDB and completing trades over there have pretty much dominated my free time lately. Thanks in large part to a package from Night Owl, I cracked into the Top 100 Dodger Collections over at TCDB. Night Owl is one of the premier Dodger collectors in the collecting world, so when you see a package in your mailbox from him, you know you're gonna be in for some surprises. Greg sent a mixed bag of cards I needed to finish team sets, cards I didn't know existed and everything in between. Here's one from a set I didn't know about. 2003 Playoff Portraits. I like these alot more than their modern counterpart, Topps Gallery. These have class. A couple of examples of Finest sets I missed out on during my great collecting sabbatical from 1995-2008.  Ah, stuff from my return to collecting. Somehow I completly neglected Topps Bunt and this particular year of Archives. The Greinke was one of few i