Valentine's Surprise from my Better Half

The last week and a half have been a blur. I took a promotion at work a few weeks back and it has really taken its toll on my free time. I haven't been posting. I haven't been commenting. I've been a bad blogger. I've also been neglecting packages from TCDB. I have piles of new Dodgers just waiting to be shown off here.

Valentine's Day arrived and my better half really outdid herself with these amazing Dodger cookies she got made from a local baker. As good as they look, they tasted even better.
1994 Fleer Pro Cards San Antonio Missions team set
These showed up in one of my TCDB trades, as a freebie?!?! How did this user know my Dodgers in the Minors collection needs major help?
2019 Topps Walgreens Yellow Parallel
Only my second 2019 yellow. 
2008 Topps
This set is about to be finished up.
2013 Topps & 2014 Topps
A couple more Topps Flagship sets that I'm almost done with now.

1992 Topps and 1993 Topps
These 2 are almost done now as well.
1994 US Playing …

I wanted these when I was a kid...

Don't act like you know how much I wanted LJN's SportsTalk when I was a kid.
Because you have no idea.

I saw all the commercials. Saw them at the mall. Couldn't afford them. The player was like $25 if I remember correctly and packs of like 5 cards were $4. That was sacrificing alot of 50 cent per pack baseball back then, and alot of days not eating lunch at school so I could save that extra dollar. By the time I had enough money saved to buy the player and a pack, they were all gone. This thing flopped on Nintendo's Virtual Boy levels. I never saw them again.

Recently while browsing the Trading Card Database, I ran across a few of the SportsTalk Dodgers and had to have them. Steve Sax, Mike Marshall and Orel Hershiser. I now have a John Tudor and Kirk Gibson on the way as well leaving me needing Tommy Lasorda, Fernando Valenzuela and the Brooklyn Dodgers' Don Drysdale and Duke Snider. 
Now to find me a player as well.

2018 Topps Future Stars Walker Buehler and 201…

1st encounter with 2020 Topps

I always start getting antsy about the upcoming baseball season whenever the new Topps flagship cards hit the stores every year. No surprise in Topps' decision to place Pete Alonso as this year's cover boy. Let's rip this hanger open and see if we get any Dodgers.

Open the hanger and right on top is my boy Dugie. Even though his future has been tied up by Boston's shenanigans, he'll be forever a Dodger to me. 

The inserts.
Gold Parallel Trea Turner is what we expect from gold.
The Decade's Best Sammy Sosa looks pretty cool, but the Rhys Hoskins Highlight cards are rather lackluster. Did Rhys really have enough highlights to warrant a 20 card insert set?

Turkey Red 2020's are great! I have a Gavin Lux on the way from a TCDB trade.

And now the bread and butter of flagship Topps... the occasional great photography.

I'm still not over this guy beating my Dodgers in last year's NLCS.

Look at the detail!

Double Dip!

HD now available in trading card forma…

The Dodger farewell party. I'm gonna miss these guys edition.

The baseball off season has been pretty lax for us Dodger fans. We didn't land Hamels. We didn't land Rendon. We lost Ryu. Pretty much stole Blake Treinen and Alex Wood, but let's face it, they're not the game changers we were looking for. Then yesterday was a whirlwind of emotions.
We got Mookie Betts. David Price was pretty much a freebie, but while everyone is clamouring because we got them without giving up any prospects, we did give up some great ballplayers. 

I forgot to mention that we also lost David Freese to retirement. I admit I was against him being a Dodger, but he sure won me over with his play. Something I wish AJ Pollock would take note of. Seemed like when Freese was in the lineup he always got on base at least a time or 2 per game. And man was he clutch.

Babe Ryu signed with the Blue Jays. Ever since Chan Ho Park and Hideo Nomo, the Dodgers have had a strong pipeline for getting great Asian talent to L.A.

Ryu always seemed a perfect fit with the team…