1st encounter with 2020 Topps

I always start getting antsy about the upcoming baseball season whenever the new Topps flagship cards hit the stores every year. No surprise in Topps' decision to place Pete Alonso as this year's cover boy. Let's rip this hanger open and see if we get any Dodgers.

Open the hanger and right on top is my boy Dugie. Even though his future has been tied up by Boston's shenanigans, he'll be forever a Dodger to me. 

The inserts.

Gold Parallel Trea Turner is what we expect from gold.

The Decade's Best Sammy Sosa looks pretty cool, but the Rhys Hoskins Highlight cards are rather lackluster. Did Rhys really have enough highlights to warrant a 20 card insert set?

Turkey Red 2020's are great! I have a Gavin Lux on the way from a TCDB trade.

And now the bread and butter of flagship Topps... the occasional great photography.

I'm still not over this guy beating my Dodgers in last year's NLCS.

Look at the detail!

Double Dip!

HD now available in trading card format.

Springer signaling to the guys that he could indeed hear the trash can banging. Yea, I'm a Dodger fan so I'm pretty salty about this one.

Javy Baez always gets cool flagship Topps cards.

Was pretty impressed with what I saw out of this guy late last season.

Double dip. Shades. Gold chain. All-Star Rookie Cup. Tatis. Yea, this card is pretty awesome.

My first Bo Bichette card!

Dodgers! Ryu League Leader, Verdugo and Muncy. Pretty good start to my 2020 Topps Dodgers.

Bubbles make an appearance in 2020 Topps.

One of my favorite rookies from last year. This kid can straight up play.

Spectacular card! Is it better than his 2019 Big League card though?

The Goose won me over last year. Nice to finally add some cardboard of him to the collection.

Got super lucky with this hanger and got the Kershaw 1985 Topps. 

It's going to be fun to rip a few blasters of this and to get all the Dodger issues. 

Next time, I'll show some more oddball Dodgers courtesy of the Trading Card Database including some LJN Sportstalk Dodgers. And a current Dodger ttm that I didn't think was gonna come back at all.

Thanks for reading.


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