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Rough Turkey Week Ended on a High Note

It's been over a week since I wrote an entry here, the last one was written in advance. The last week has been a rough one for me. The Holidays are always hard when you work in retail mnagement. We work long hours, sacrificing our time with our families so that others can be happy. I've done this for 24 years, and it never gets any easier.  This year was especially rough as we lost my cousin early in the week. He was more like my little brother as he, his older brother and I were always together as kids. Riding our bikes, traversing through our grandfather's woods with our BB guns, and various other acts of general mischief was our forte. I used to trade him out of all of his good baseball cards too. He was a great guy and even tough we grew apart over the years, I'm really gonna miss him. I've rarely posted over on Reddit, haven't done anything here and have way too many packages backed up that I need to get out to some of you here. To the ones that re

All-Time Dodger Jersey Numbers... Episode One

This is gonna be an ongoing series where I run down jersey numbers 0-99 and determine who I think are the greatest Dodgers to ever wear that number. Each week, I will use the random number generator to give me a number to dive in to. This week, we got number 48 and I could only think of one Dodger to wear that number off the top of my head. The number #48 has been fielded in 39 different seasons since 1952 for the Dodgers. 24 players have worn #48 since 1952 and no one wore it between 2002 and 2009. ALCS Legend, Dave Stewart actually began his career in the National League with the Dodgers. Dave pitched for the Dodgers in 1978, then again from 1981-1983 until he was traded to the Rangers during '83 season. Dave had an 18-13 record in LA with an ERA of 3.33. He took 2 losses in the 1981 NLDS, but the Dodgers still got World Series rings that year. Dave would go on to become a postseason legend with the A's and the Blue Jays. Probably the greatest closer in Do

A TTM Return and a Certified Auto in the Same Day!! Same Player?!?!

A peculiar mail day indeed. I've done ttm's for years and never has this happened, but today I got a Max Muncy certified autograph in the mail through a trade. That's nothing. However, I also got a ttm return today from Mad Max Muncy himself. Weird, but cool nonetheless.  2019 Topps Gallery Max Muncy Certified Autograph. Ugh sticker! These cards just scream on card auto. Come on Topps. Still glad to have it though. 2019 Topps Update Max Muncy. It's always great getting a ttm return from a Dodger, but it's rare to get one from a current player. So stoked that Max took time out to sign the card I sent him. No sticker here. Got the remaining 6 2019 Holiday Metallic Dodgers to complete my team set in Metallic format. Think I'm done with Holiday except for the SP's and maybe a Will Smith and Muncy auto. 2019 Topps Holiday Joc Pederson Relic. Got 2 of these today. Weird thing is they feature different materials in them. Nite Owl wi

Foil Stamped Shenanigans and more 86 Topps.

My 2017 Topps Flagship Dodgers set still isn't complete, but I got a package in today containing the entire MLB All Star Game 2017 foil stamped Dodgers team set. Pretty stoked to add this to this decades flagship Topps binder. RedTurn3 in all his glory. Seager with the Iconic All-Rookie Cup. This year's World Series stud, Howie Kendrick. Man, I miss this guy.  A guy I never thought I would see play for the Dodgers, but I sure am glad he did. Can we get Alex Wood back in 2020? Such a promising youngster who just vanished. My boy! He is a free agent you know. Joc may have lost his hat, but I bet he caught that ball. This guy continues to exceed my expectations of him every year. This is the Jansen I enjoy watching.  Pure heart and adrenaline. Kike is combustible. 2017 Topps Update All Rookie Cup Piazza showed up in a bonus bag.  As did this 2019 Archives Seager. Only 5 Dodger