1991 Topps... Vintage or Junk Wax

The other night, I busted a box of 1991 Topps hoping to score the remaining Dodgers I needed and an extra Dave Walsh and Dennis Cook to send out for ttm. I wasn't expecting anything special as I had opened many packs of these back in 1991, but about halfway through busting this box, I was thinking "Wow! This is a pretty good looking set."

The photography in this set amazed me as I just did not remember it being this good. It really got me to thinking about the legacy of this set and how its tarnished by the whole junk wax era. 1991 Topps is gonna be turning 29 years old soon, and it's not junk.

Everything we love about vintage sets can be found in 1991 Topps. Hanging out with the fans and signing autographs.

Throwback uniforms. 

The Giants camera angle of choice apparently.

Rey Palacios decides to start an aerobics class in the middle of a game.

Collecting dirt and stirring up dirt.

The all-time stolen base leader doing what he always did.


Great plays.

Billy Ripken looks to have Dwight Evans out by a mile. That Walt Weiss card is an all-time favorite.

Pitchers making plays.

A pair of Twins.

Joe Orsulak looking like he's about to bust out a Fortnite dance.

Pitchers in visors with headphones.

Pitchers doing the line-up.

Pitchers actually pitching.

I hate to tell Mark, but everyone seems more interested in whatever is going on behind him.

Pitchers just hanging out by the scoreboard.

Pitchers in warm-up jackets.

1990 was probably the last year the Braves had to deal with empty stadiums. They got good fast.

Catchers doing catcher things.

Catchers at work.

Catchers putting in extra effort.

Catchers going yard.

Milt Thompson doing the limbo.

Had to get an Expos card in.

Batting cages.

A youthful Biggio.

Reds at spring training.

Eye black.

Gold chains.

Jackets at spring training.

Alot of ivy.


Trotting the bases.

Probably the only card of Mcgwire sliding ever.

This guy looks too much like the late great Mitch Hedberg.

And my favorite card in the set. Carlton Fisk awaiting the ball while Cecil Fielder, of all people, tries to score. He is being told to stop, lol.

This was a fun rip. Not gonna try to complete the set or anything so if anyone needs 1991 Topps let me know. I am keeping the Dodgers, and there's a few Dodgers I still need. I got lucky and got a box with the Alfredo Griffin box bottom card, but there's 2 more Dodgers in those as well.


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    1. Never knew about these. Now I'm gonna have to hunt for them.

  2. When I saw what box had been opened, I was really hoping to see that you had landed one of the elusive "vintage" cards that were randomly added to packs of these. Even though the vintage cards were often not very vintagey, the older I get, the more I find myself becoming more and more obsessed with trying to pull one of them, if only to be able to say that I did.

    1. Imagine pulling the redemption card for the 52 Topps set 28 years to late to redeem it. Doh!

  3. 1991 Topps has some of the greatest photography of the decade. It's right up there with the 1993 Upper Deck as one of my favorites. The Fisk is an excellent choice for a favorite card. Being an A's fan, I had to go with the Weiss.

  4. I have a bunch of 91 dodgers coming your way.

    1. Awesome bro. I got quite a few glow back Cubs out of this box if you need any.

  5. Glad you had fun with the box!

    1991 Topps has become my favorite 90's decade set. I have made the mistake of attempting to complete the glow back, non-glow back, bold back sets with errors (to a degree). It was just a great set.

    1. It was alot of fun. I busted a box of 1990 Score the other day and had a blast opening those as well. Everything I pulled from 91 Topps will be for trade once I get them added over at TCDB. The box was probably close to 60% glow backs. Still trying to decide if I'm gonna pursue glow back and non-glow back versions of all the Dodgers.


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