Dodger Mailbox... Donruss Mass Confusion Edition

Dodger mailbox was full today. A couple of trades from TCDB showed up, as well as a package from a redditor, ProZskillet. ProZSkillet has been a great trading partner as this is probably our 4th swap over the last few months.

He included a pile of 2018 Donruss Dodgers. Very confusing for me as I'm not that familiar with Donruss products now days, but they apparently do odd little variations to their base cards. Like the one Belli saying Los Angeles across the bottom right and the other saying Unanimous ROY. Oh, and there's a 3rd variation of it too.

And to that a 1984 Donruss Belli throwback, and this is the variation of it! The base is still out there somewhere. Note the 2 Seager's as well. One's a variation. The Kershaw, a variation. Geez. I remember 1981 Donruss being so confusing with all the errors. Are they doing this on purpose?

Alot of people don't like Topps Fire and while the 2019 set was a huge step down from the stellar looking 2018 set, I still like them. This Blue Chip parallel of Corey Seager is the first Blue Chip I've had in my hands. Pretty cool card. Still looking for Kershaw and Bellinger to finish out the base 2019 Fire Dodgers.

This 2019 Bowman Platinum Top Prospect of Josiah Gray is the first Dodgers card of him in my collection. I only need Buehler, Pollock and Connor Wong to finish up the Dodgers team set in these.

A good chunk of 2018 Topps Salute got knocked out with today's packages. Need Alex Wood from Series 1 still, as well as Kyle Farmer and Tim Locastro from Series 2.

Before today, I didn't own any 2018 Topps Instant Impact Dodgers. Now, I'm a Bellinger and a Jackie Robinson away from the team set.

Only the second 2018 Topps Gold Dodger I own. The other is the Kershaw League Leaders card.

The Bellinger is all that continues to elude me in the 2018 Topps 1983 All-Stars Dodger team set.

Got a stack of 1996 Stadium Club Dodgers. Gets me to needing 1-Nomo, 63-Karros, 88-Worrell, 255-Garcia, 419-Osuna & 442-Piazza.

1988 Topps Traded Dodgers team set! I'm still looking for clean copies of Garner, Marshall and Hoffman from the base 1988 set as mine have been signed.

Pair of 1982 Topps gets my 1982 Topps Dodgers count up to....5. Wow. Killing this set.

One of my favorite sets of all-time. Still need 13 Dodgers to complete their portion of 1993 Upper Deck.

First 2019 Topps Flagship Rainbow Foil parallel Dodger in my collection. I have a few from Update, but this is my first for Series 1 & 2.

This Koufax from 2019 Allen & Ginter has been on my wants for a while. Need Jackie Robinson, Piazza, Kershaw, Pollock and Justin Turner to finish this set. Also started work on the minis and gold minis.


  1. Panini and their Donruss variations drive me nuts. Topps bugs me too, but it seems like they make it a little more challenging to pull them.


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